A Look Back at MTLC's Cloud Computing Summit

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Presenting survey results to a group of early adopters and enthusiasts is always a tricky proposition as you are bound to face challenges

A Look Back at MTLC's Cloud Computing Summit

Recently I had the opportunity to keynote the Mass Technology Leadership Council’s Cloud Computing Summit. The theme of the event was “Riding the Technology Wave to Power the Business Experience.” Video’s of the session can be found here, in two parts.

I was joined during the opening keynote session by Bruce Guptill, Senior Vice President and Head of Research at Saugatuck Technologies and I think it’s fair to say that we both characterized the cloud industry as growing quickly and going through a period of transition, with the next generation of users having much higher expectations for the cloud and its impact on business operations. While Bruce shared with the audience his organization's findings for some of the reasons companies are moving to the Cloud, the unexpected business challenges and what it is costing to accomplish the change; I focused my comments more on where the future opportunities will be for the developers of cloud-based products and services based upon the results of our recent Future of Cloud Computing Survey.

Presenting survey results to a group of early adopters and enthusiasts is always a tricky proposition as you are bound to face challenges on some of your conclusions. Truth be told, at one point I even found myself questioning a particular aspect of the data I cited from the survey.

This particular survey, (Future of Cloud Computing) has proved to be especially compelling as the respondents were nearly evenly split with 46% being from the vendor community and 54% end-users, giving us a diverse viewpoint into the appetite for cloud adoption. In the videos you’ll see I chose to highlight things like cloud drivers and inhibitors and perhaps, most importantly, where will cloud revenue most likely be generated from in the next several years. Enjoy!

I would like to thank everyone who made to the summit on what was a particularly stormy morning. Their participation made for a truly lively and educational event. For those who could not make it, I hope that you will enjoy the video of the event, which can be found here on the Future of Cloud Computing Forum.

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